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DEMOMAN MEETS BAPTISTE!?! Soundboard Pranks in Overwatch! *Hilarious Reactions*

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Overwatch's latest hero Baptiste is basically Demoman from TF2 - they look the same, they have the same weapon... so why not give them THE SAME VOICE TOO??? And that's EXACTLY what I did!!

Next soundboard video is gonna be in TF2! I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE you won't have to wait a month for my next video like you did with this one, real life was pretty crazy in April but I promise to put my best foot forward and get you videos more timely, as I used to. ♥️♥️ Thank you for being patient with me, you guys are the best fans I rly mean that. Your support in watching me and leaving your nice comments for me on every video are what keep me motivated and help me feel better about "IRL" problems too. Been dealing with more anxieties and frustrations in real life lately that i'm not generally used to, and you guys, my Cubrades, have been what has held me together. So honestly, thanks for being there for me always. + Also an "expert-tier" Apex Legends tutorial for Bloodhound (my main) I'm thinking about making too, been having so much fun playing that game lately. New Rainbow 6 Siege soundboard video coming up later, too!! Promise to be talking with you again very soon with my next soundboard video!

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